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Hearing Process

The Registered Nurses' Act, 1988, Bylaws, Council and administrative standards set out policy for a discipline hearing. Where the Investigation Committee recommends that the Discipline Committee hear and determine a complaint, the Council will establish a panel of five Discipline Committee members. A formal hearing is held and is open to the public. Information on the hearing date, location and particulars is posted in a Notice of Hearing.

At the hearing, the Discipline Panel will hear in an open-minded and impartial manner all of the evidence from both the member (e.g. RN, GN, RN(NP), RN(GNP)) and the Investigation Committee. The committee must decide if professional misconduct or professional incompetence has occurred. A written discipline decision is rendered followed by the penalty decision. In a situation with an agreed statement of facts, only the penalty decision is posted.

The Outcome

If professional misconduct and/or professional incompetence have been proven, then a second hearing will be held to determine what penalty will be imposed. The penalty, as set out in The Registered Nurses Act, 1988, could be:

1) Reprimand
2) Suspension
3) Conditions and restrictions on the member
4) expulsion from the profession
5) fine and/or payment of costs of the discipline hearing
or any combination of the above

Appeal Mechanisms

The member has the right to appeal the decision of the Discipline Panel within 30 days of the decision. The registered nurse may appeal to either the SRNA council or Court of Queen's Bench.

Publication/Access to Information: Outcome of Hearings

The written decisions of the Discipline Committee and reasons for the decisions are available to the public and to members on the SRNA website.

As of April 26, 2016, the SRNA will post redacted copies of the Notice of Hearing, Discipline Decision and Penalty Decision. At the discretion of the Association, identifiable names, health conditions/diagnosis, facility names, complainant names and witness names may be redacted.

Summarized versions of discipline decisions and reasons are also published in the Newsbulletin, the official publication of the SRNA.

Contact Barb Fitz-Gerald, RN, Manager, Regulation & Policy at 306- 359-4229 (Regina) or 1-800-667-9945, ext. 229 or email
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Scheduled Hearings

None at this time



Discipline Decisions and Summaries


Marlon T Gonzales

Order of Discipline Committee
Written reasons to follow at a later date

Carolyn M Strom

Discipline Decision
Penalty Decision
Notice of Appeal

Michele M. Moore

Discipline Decision
Penalty Decision

Arla Ryan

Penalty Decision

Rhonda M. Beallie
Discipline Decision

Dante Frances P. De Padua

Gregory W. Pittman
1st Discipline Decision 
Penalty Decision
Appeal Decision

2nd Discipline Decision

Judicial Review

3rd Discipline Decision

Penalty Decision

Laura A. Watson
1st Discipline Decision

2nd Discipline Decision 

Carissa L. Viel
Discipline Decision
Penalty Decision