Saskatchewan Registered Nurses' Association


The Prescription Review Program recommends all nurse practitioners have urine drug screens analyzed by the provincial lab. The results from the provincial lab are not only qualitative, but are quantitatively measured and this is available when requested and the results determine the different individual opioids and individual benzodiazepines present.

Urine screens should be looked upon as no different than any other test that a nurse practitioner would perform on a patient, such as a blood glucose test for diabetes. If routinely done, then there is no stigma that nurse practitioners are singling out any patient or accusing them of abusing their medication. Urine drug screens should be based on three or more results in order to eliminate the chance of a false positive or negative result.

Please only suspend prescribing if, in your professional opinion along with the information provided, continued prescribing may present the possibility of harm or that therapeutically it would be inappropriate to continue prescribing.


Benzodiazepine Metabolism Chart

Opiate Metabolism Chart

Drugs of Abuse Screening Information – Ministry of Health