Saskatchewan Registered Nurses' Association


The SRNA was established in 1917. The power and authority for the SRNA comes from The Registered Nurses Act, 1988 which was passed by provincial legislation and describes the SRNA’s mandate and role.

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NOTE:  This is to advise that Bill 128, An Act to Amend Certain Statutes to Facilitate Labour Mobility (Re: The Agreement on Internal Trade) -  received Royal Assent on May 20, 2010 and is in effect immediately. Page 13

S.S. 1988-89, c.R-12.2, section 19 amended

32 Section 19 of The Registered Nurses Act, 1988 is amended:

(a) by repealing subclause (1)(a)(ii) and substituting the following:

“(ii) is registered as the equivalent of a registered nurse in good standing pursuant to the legislation of another jurisdiction in Canada, or the legislation of a jurisdiction outside of Canada that is recognized by the council”; and

(b) by repealing subsections (2) and (3).