Saskatchewan Registered Nurses' Association


Scope of Practice

The RN(NP)-Adult is a licensed registered nurse who has met the qualifications for licensure in the Registered Nurse (Nurse Practitioner) category in the province of Saskatchewan, as defined by The Registered Nurses Act, 1988. The RN(NP)-Adult manages the care of young, middle-aged and older adults and applies a primary health care framework.  Care of older adolescents may also be provided by a RN(NP)-Adult in some instances when the adolescent’s developmental age and/or lifestyle may more closely approximate that of an adult. Although the RN(NP)-Adult works with other health providers in collaborative interdisciplinary relationships to provide health care for adults, at times, the RN(NP)-Adult may be the primary care provider in some settings.  The RN(NP)-Adult will manage all aspects of client care from the point of entry to the health care system through to discharge follow-up care/ management.    The RN(NP)-Adult may build on their nurse practitioner adult specialty to specialize in the care of adults in such areas as mental health, geriatrics, palliative care, cardiology, neurology, etc.

Common Medical Disorders

In accordance with Bylaw VI, Section 3(2)(a), and the current Registered Nurse (Nurse Practitioner) RN(NP) Standards and Core Competencies, common medical disorders shall be interpreted to mean health problems, conditions, diseases or disorders that the RN(NP) sees with regularity within the context of their practice.  Further, educational curriculum from an approved and/or accredited program shall be used as a guide for the determination of appropriate problems, conditions, diseases or disorders diagnosed and/or treated by the RN(NP).  The RN(NP) shall maintain current competence within their chosen area of practice and may only independently diagnose or treat common medical disorders for which they are currently competent.  When the client’s condition requires the care beyond the RN(NP)’s scope of practice and/or competence, the appropriate consultation will be initiated.

Accordingly, the RN(NP) will not consider the following as being within their independent scope of practice as a RN(NP):

     1.     Independently manage atypical or complex health problems (eg. discontinuation of resuscitation situations). 

     2.     Any health problem requiring diagnostic contrast medium radiography.

     3.     Any health problem that requires imminent surgical intervention.

     4.     Any health problem that becomes unstable requiring further consultation.

     5.     Perform an internal biopsy.


It is NOT considered independent practice when a RN(NP) is practicing in accordance with agreed upon, evidence based nurse-physician client care protocols.