Saskatchewan Registered Nurses' Association


The SRNA is pleased to announce that 59 of our RN members have completed the requirements to be licensed with the new designation of RN with Additional Authorized Practice [RN(AAP)]. RN(AAP)s are qualified to order, perform, receive and interpret tests, prescribe and dispense drugs, perform minor surgical and invasive procedures and diagnose and treat a limited number of common medical disorders.

We congratulate all new RN(AAP) members for their hard work and dedication in working through this licensure process. A special thank you to northern employers, Health Canada and the provincial Ministry of Health for partnering with the SRNA to advance registered nursing in Saskatchewan as part of our RNs Leading Change initiative.

RN(AAP)s are now working in northern primary care settings and deliver valued health care services to residents in the north. Although these are the first members to be licensed with the new designation, there will soon be additional RNs that are eligible to become RN(AAP)s. This can be accomplished either through completing a Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) process or by completing approved SRNA education courses.

Please contact us to learn more about becoming an RN(AAP).
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